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A leading multinational chemical company needed a new set of strategies to expand its business in China’s fast growing chemicals industry, amid the US-China trade war. The client also needed new project assessment and development services for starting their new manufacturing project in the highly-competitive and fragmented chemicals market in the country.

Leading researchers at ChemView Consulting studies recent developments in China’s chemicals industry, including various geopolitical factors instrumental in shaping its dynamics. Based on our market analysis and forecast, we suggested the client to

 Capitalize on China’s potential to lead the global chemicals industry
by investing in the country despite the uncertainties of its short-term outlook, triggered by the trade war.

 Focus on hanging Chinese consumer trends and increasing markets for electric vehicles, consumers electronics, and batteries, which will create need for specialty chemicals in the country.

 Embrace R&D strategies and collaborate with governing bodies, where new environmental policies and emergence of technologies can give rise to disruptive innovations.

 Leverage the industry’s openness to multinational companies and privately-owned enterprises in China’s refining and petrochemicals industry, where there is easy access to raw materials.

 Cater to the growing demand for polyester fiber, propylene, and ethylene.

 Maintain scale of business operations in the intensely competitive industry, where old production assets may impact the business profitability.