Customer Objective:

A leading waste-management company wanted to make a foray into the chemicals & materials industry and required business forecast consulting services.

ChemView Consulting constantly assesses changing trends in the chemicals industry and directs its efforts towards predicting the impact of these trends in the way chemicals industry, accurately. On studying the tide of environmental awareness across most industrial landscape, ChemView Consulting created an action plan for the client which included strategies like,

 Increase focus on plastic waste recycling business operations in the chemicals industry, as most regulatory bodies are putting environmental concerns over the industry’s growth.

 Enter into the monomer recycling segment, which carries the potential of plastic recycling profitability despite being limited to the applications of polyamide, PET, and other types of condensation- polymers.

 Adopt next generation mechanical recycling technologies for plastic waste recycling in the chemicals industry, which can be used for recycling a wide range of polymers and plastics.

 Invest in research & developments activities to invent new methods and plastic waste recycling technologies that can sync with the advancements in the development of engineered thermoplastics or mixed polymers.

 While China’s chemicals industry remains the largest and most profitable market for plastic waste recycling services, investments in Asia outside China could also create profits for the client.

 Future plans should include targeting emerging industrial landscapes that are likely to enter the plastic manufacturing space, such as oil & gas industry, which will reflect a massive upsurge in demand for mechanical technologies for plastic waste recycling.