Customer Objective:

Our client, a global leader in the chemicals industry, needed consulting services for boosting the company’s operational performance through digital transformation, and consolidate its position in the global market.

Experienced consultants at ChemView Consulting keep themselves updated about the constantly evolving technology that can transform the growth prospects of the chemicals industry. Our Blockchain enthusiasts at ChemView Consulting suggested the client to commence transforming various operations with the incorporation of advanced technologies and mastering the blockchain technology to achieve the company’s operational benchmarks including

 Enhancing various operations and manufacturing procedures, such as covering the order of raw material, distribution to customers, and production of various chemicals, with the adoption of RFID and Blockchain technology

 Improving the supply chain visibility and ultimately, transforming the entire supply chain model for the company to gain momentum in the chemicals industry

 Transforming production and packaging procedures with the use of serial-numbered RFID tags in containers and other packaging materials

 Transforming physical assets into digital ones, enabling automation of monitoring and operations with Blockchain