Tackling with New Supply Chain Challenges of the Chemicals Industry

Customer Objective:
Client was facing high cost pressures due to intensifying competition and commoditization in the chemicals industry. Client needed new supply chain management solutions to meet the changing customer needs vis-à-vis pre- and post-sales services to stay ahead of the competition amid globaldemand shifts and market consolidation trends in the chemicals industry.

The global chemicals industry has been growing by leaps and bounds, and with increasing competition in the market, stakeholders are making a move towards adopting newer strategies to sync with the changing trends. As there is a significant rise in complex consumer demands, ChemView Consulting suggested the client to take up technology-driven supply chain management solutions to fix the basics with falling behind the competition. We proposed an innovative supply chain management strategy which included

 Improvements in the transparency and structure of supply chain

 Building new merger & acquisition strategies with the ultimate focus on strengthening the supply chain

 Differentiating supply chain services from competitors, while competing on price levels

 Bolstering digitalization with advent of Industry 4.0 to reduce cost and improve performance in supply chains

 Introducing premium services with the use of the Information Technology for process integration, in order to sync with their custom needs

 Identifying the client’s products that do not incur significant sales with the ultimate focus on mitigating non-profitable complexities in supply chain

 Automating processes related to supply chain with a technology, which can quickly respond to the changes in the logistics and supply chain trends