The chemical industry is undergoing one of the most significant changes in its history. In 2015 the chemical industry faced challenges such as a strong dollar, slowing developing economies, Brazil’s recession, Europe and Japan’s stagnation, and a cyclical slowdown in agriculture. Again in the 2020 pandemic, the industry faces challenges such as supply chain disruption, a significant decline in demand, and increased cyclical challenges such as overcapacity, pricing pressures, and trade uncertainty. Furthermore, in this challenging economic climate, several mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring operations took place. In addition, due to regional growth, restrictions, and cost, investment, technology, and innovation are shifting from Europe and North America to Asia.

As a result, chemical firms are under increased cost pressures to protect their margins and invest in the digitization of their operations. In addition, with the number of manufacturing companies increasing day by day, the fight for market share forces companies to be abreast with the ever-changing operating conditions. Companies that anticipated these developments and devised effective strategies reap the most benefits during these turbulent periods. Therefore, the future looks bright for those companies who are working to deliver pragmatic and sustainable solutions.

We are uniquely positioned to foresee and evaluate the complicated chemicals and materials sector lucidly thanks to a mix of experienced consultants, enormous expertise, meticulous research methods, and some of the most cutting-edge proprietary tools. In addition, we keep our eye on the more significant trends shaping consumer preferences and the end-market environment to focus on new growth opportunities and extract more value from current resources and assets. As a result, we’ll ensure that your organization aligns with a tailored, powerful strategy that will help make confident business decisions today and well into the future.