Business Consulting

Consultants of ChemView Consulting follow a holistic approach and have a deep understanding and functional expertise, which is significant for resolving clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. Our superior team demographics and team-oriented culture make engagements a success for our clients. We want our clients to take full advantage of every opportunity using our business consulting expertise created just for you.

Technical Consulting

At ChemView Consulting, we understand the hurdles of keeping up with the chemicals & materials industry dynamics, rapidly moving towards undergoing a digital transformation. Our technical consulting services include complete design and engineering support to meet the exclusive requirements and achieve the technical objectives of your business.

With our best-in-the-industry safety assessment services, including hazard and operability study (HAZOP), process safety management (PSM), and process hazard analysis (PHA) services, we have created a strong position as leading technical consultants in the chemicals & materials and oil & gas industries, not only in Asia but also on the global platform.

We focus on offering insights on the current best practices in the industry and help you develop your business strategies by identifying the following best business practices that can gain you an edge in the market. In addition, we are committed to offering you complete digitalization solutions, which are the correct mix of technology and an apt, engagement-driven business model, to sync with the ever-evolving demands of customers.

We help you discover comprehensive solutions with a plan that works with our in-house staff of experienced and passionate advisors with a chemical background so that you can stay at the forefront.

Business Opportunity Assessment

ChemView Consulting Consultants specialize in understanding client business competence, identifying tangible growth opportunities, and developing comprehensive & actionable insights on the target market landscape. As a result, we provide a   pivotal fulcrum to our clients for a deep understanding of various aspects of the focused markets through a clear picture of the current market scenario and business growth potential, thus helping the client build up a growth strategy in the right direction.

Our Business Opportunity Assessment service involves close interaction with our clients to develop a deep understanding of their businesses, current competencies, and long-term objectives. Our research and analysis methodology can tailor any consulting requirements to improve performance & services. We focus on being the one-stop solution for the entire chemical and energy value chain, saving time and increasing value from business strategies.

Find out the most significant opportunities that are worth capitalizing on in your market:

  • Market segment attractiveness
  • Addressable size of the market
  • Future potential
  • Unmet needs
  • Market drivers
  • Overall business risk factors       


Strategic & Business Planning

ChemView Consulting is committed to addressing our client’s pain points. With our deep understanding of the market, we help our clients define practical and ready-to-go recommended paths for complex problems by breaking them into tiny fragments and then connecting the dots. For long-term value generation, the planning and execution phase is changed constantly to fit real-time situations.

ChemView Consulting offers companies the resources, industry expertise, and leading project management capabilities to successfully drive their critical projects to completion. In addition, ChemView Consulting helps clients create strategies that accelerate revenue and generate strong growth in the long term.    

M&A Advisory

ChemView Consulting offers support to its clients in mergers & acquisitions to create sustainable value. Chemical companies look to either forward or backward integrate their businesses to expand and grow their profit margins. It is a highly critical process as it ultimately decides the fate of a company, thus making it essential to acquire a company that is a strategic fit for the acquirer’s business. ChemView Consulting specializes in identifying and due diligence of strategic fit targets, which ultimately ensures a successful transaction. 

Prepare for potential partnerships with detailed insights and recommendations:

  • Acquisition targets
  • JV partners

Contract manufacturers

Pricing Analysis

More than boosting sales or lowering expenses, pricing may improve profitability. But, unfortunately, many businesses struggle to develop a plan that considers all variables that simulate real-world scenarios. During the process, critical factors like the Geopolitical situation, a shift in market dynamics, currency fluctuations, consumer demographics, and buying patterns can be neglected by companies while framing the strategy. An effective strategy bases its market model on the customer’s needs and stimulates several real-world factors.

ChemView Consulting has helped clients provide cost and price analysis in chemicals, specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, engineering plastics, oil & gas, and other niche & advanced materials. In addition, we work as growth partners with our clients, assisting them in understanding alternate pathways, gaining clarity on strategic directions, and achieving more significant value.