The food and beverage industry globally has experienced significant growth over the past few years as the economic downturns impact the food and beverage (F&B) industry less. The F&B sector is mainly driven by the ever-increasing demand for food, which is expected to continue in the coming years. COVID-19, on the other hand, has had a significant impact on how we think and behave when it comes to food and beverages (F&B). Non-essential retailers were closed, dining-in was prohibited, and supply chains were tested when lockdowns were implemented worldwide. As a result, purchasing habits and attitudes have shifted, and food and beverage retailers must react quickly.

As countries open up, a common question among businesses is ‘what comes next?’ The three trends that are shaping the post-covid-19 world of the Food & Beverage industry are:

  1. Consumer behavioral changes
  2. Business adaptability
  3. Unfulfilled consumer needs

Some of the key trends in the industry are Private label, Ghost Kitchens, CBD regulations, and Plant-and based labeling. New technologies are penetrating rapidly in the F&B sector, such as smart refrigerators, robotics, AI, walk-out stores, weed-picking robots, Viome to check your gut, and Blockchain.

These developments are likely to have a significant impact on how the future of this industry is shaped. ChemView Consulting identifies growth opportunities for companies in the food and beverage industry. Our research helps us better understand consumer demand and shifting preferences. In addition, we assist companies in developing strategies to attract new customers and retain existing strongholds.