The mobility industry is transitioning to connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (C.A.S.E.) mobility, which is upending traditional automotive and transportation industry paradigms. The mobility industry is being transformed by self-driving vehicles, electrification, ridesharing, new charging and battery technologies, innovative business models, and digital tools.

Rapid technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, increasingly stringent emission standards, and stricter safety regulations are all having an impact on the strategies of automotive companies. The shift towards software-defined vehicles in the automotive industry is attracting a flood of new entrants and start-ups, increasing overall competitive intensity.

The electric vehicle segment is witnessing new materials, chemistries, software, and services powering the zero-emission vehicle revolution, from scaling production to optimising operation and facilitating end-of-life.

Another key factor motivating automakers to realign their strategies towards implementing technologies such as automotive semiconductors, sensors, mapping, deep-learning-based machine vision, AR, HMI, and 5G is smart mobility and automotive technology.

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