Animal Nutrition Market

In recent times, the animal nutrition market has become a focal point for numerous industry players, drawing attention due to its significant impact on carbon emissions in the food production sector. This shift is fueled by a growing awareness of the environmental implications of traditional animal feed sources and a collective commitment towards sustainable alternatives. Among the emerging trends, insect protein has taken center stage, revolutionizing the animal feed industry. ChemView Consulting, a prominent player in the sector, explores the reasons behind this surge and the transformative developments in animal nutrition.

The Carbon Conundrum: A Catalyst for Change

Carbon Emissions in Animal Feed

  • Animal feed crops contribute to about 6% of total carbon emissions in food production.
  • Lowering carbon footprints in agriculture poses challenges compared to other industries.

The Traditional Dilemma

  • Fish meal and soybean meal, traditionally used as animal feed, have significant carbon footprints.
  • Soybean cultivation leads to deforestation, habitat loss, and excessive use of pesticides and water.
  • Fishmeal production contributes to overfishing and disruption of marine ecosystems.

The Call for Alternatives

  • Increasing global push for sustainable alternatives in line with brand commitments.
  • Insect protein emerges as a resource-efficient and sustainable alternative.

Insect Protein: A Sustainable Solution

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

  • BSFL is a key focus for high-quality, sustainable insect proteins and lipids.
  • Requires less land, water, and feed for production, with lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Insect farming residues, or frass, can be used as fertilizer, achieving a zero-waste approach.

Industry Players Embracing Change

  • Tyson Foods investing in Protix, a Dutch insect ingredient producer, for a minority stake.
  • Volare (Finland) acquired by Skretting (Norway) to purchase products from a new insect protein factory.
  • Enorm (Denmark) completing a facility for insect protein production.
  • Entobel (Singapore) establishing a new Black Soldier Fly (BSF) production plant in Vietnam.

Funding Boosts Protein Production

  • Protix securing a 37 million euros loan approval from the European Investment Bank for facility expansion.
  • Other funded companies include Nasekomo (Bulgaria), FarmInsect (Germany), and Goldbloom Enterprises Inc. (Canada).

Collaborative Innovations and Product Developments

Collaborations for Solutions

  • Buhler (Switzerland) and Entocycle (UK) providing solutions for establishing BSF facilities.
  • Partnership with AI-powered genetic firm NRGene Technologies in black soldier fly genetics.

New Product Ventures

  • Globe Buddy (Denmark) launching premium dog food based on insect protein supplied by Enorm.
  • Collaborations focusing on developing products that reduce carbon footprint.

Market Outlook: Growth and Challenges

Economic Snapshot

  • Global commercial feed manufacturing industry generating approximately $400 billion in annual revenue.
  • Expected CAGR of 5–10% for the animal nutrition market in the next five years.

Industry Challenges

  • Reducing production costs and increasing volumes.
  • Addressing low adoption rates in the human nutrition segment.


In conclusion, the surge of interest in the animal nutrition market reflects a collective commitment to addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainability. ChemView Consulting, as a key player in the sector, recognizes the transformative potential of insect protein in revolutionizing the industry. The collaborative efforts, innovative solutions, and commitment to reducing carbon footprints highlight the industry’s dedication to a sustainable and resilient future. As the animal nutrition market continues to evolve, driven by new developments, AI integration, and strategic collaborations, ChemView Consulting remains at the forefront, navigating the challenges and steering the industry towards a path of sustainable growth.

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