Terms & Conditions

Product & Service Cost: ChemView Consulting expects buyers to pay according to the company’s payment conditions. On the other hand, the firm maintains the right to terminate or refuse access to its products if full payment is not received within the company’s specific time frame.


Taxes and Levies: Taxes, including but not limited to tariffs, customs, and similar levies, are not included in payments made to ChemView Consulting for a service or a product. All applicable payments irrespective of the jurisdiction, authority, or governing body shall be your sole responsibility.


Compliance: ChemView Consulting retains the right to monitor users’ adherence to the licensing conditions related to ChemView Consulting’s different techniques offered and made available. If we notice any non-compliance on your part in respect to any service(s) or product(s) acquired, ChemView Consulting may, in its sole discretion, impose the following terms without affecting ChemView Consulting’s other rights:

Change the scope of the license term or update it to ensure that it corresponds to the actual usage of the service or product.

Issue an invoice for additional expenses incurred due to recent changes to the scope of the licensing conditions. ChemView Consulting also has the right to take any further actions considered necessary to correct any non-compliance.


Customization: ChemView Consulting can customize market studies to meet your specific needs. However, our analysts will determine the time required for this modification depending on the expected complexity, time deadlines, and uniqueness of the customization requested.


Offers & Discounts:

ChemView Consulting specialists provide after-sale support for reports acquired at a discounted price or as part of a promotion. This step is taken to assist our customers in increasing the amount of money they can spend on research. ChemView Consulting reserves the right to choose the number of post-sale support hours.


  • Information provided in our reports is based on data accumulated from the key personnel executives of reputed manufacturing organizations. Also, data provided in the report is derived based on discussion with subject matter experts heading the practice or at reputed companies.
  • While placing an order with ChemView Consulting, the client or buyer understands and agrees to use our analytical solutions for their internal use. Therefore, we no longer extend permission to disclose or use the asset for general publication or disclose the content to a third party.
  • Any resale, disclosure, or reproduction of this report and any data contained on the site can only be made with prior written permission from ChemView Consulting. Transmission or reproduction of the document by any means or in any form (includes photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording, or otherwise) is prohibited without the permission of ChemView Consulting.
  • Our market research report’s qualitative and quantitative information should be used as an indicative guide only. We highly recommend that business owners should seek professional advice before making a business decision.
  • By visiting ChemView Consulting’s website, a user or visitor acknowledges that they have read and fully comprehended all of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to “Copyright and Disclaimer,” and that they agree to abide by the policies on behalf of their company and, if applicable, themself.
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